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ATTENTION:  Internet marketers, affiliate marketers, work from home professionals, or anyone trying to create high quality ecovers and failing at it... ... ....

"Now there's a 1-2-3 fast & easy way for
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Instantly Increase the Sales and Downloads of any Digital Product!

When you personally are considering the purchase of an ebook or some type of downloadable software, what are your questions?  Probably...

  •   Is this site trustworthy?

  •  Is the book/software any good?

  •  Is this person a professional?

What do you think if the site is homemade? You're not likely to give that person your hard earned money, are you? Well, when prospects visit your Web site, let them feast their eyes on a three-dimensional image of your e-product.  A professional ebook cover or software package answers YES to all 3 of those questions.

"Awesome Product!!!! I looked at several software packages before investing in your product and they can not compare. I was producing covers in seconds WOW! I even identified other streams of income by using the same product in other solutions. I am so excited and can't wait to produce more money making products."
Chris Gloss
Motivational Speaker & Author

Increased Sales From 
Higher Perceived Value! 

Professional ecovers make your site and your product look trustworthy.  They give the perception that your product and company are of expert-quality.  They increase your sales and downloads.  Why? Because even if your product is truly the best on the market, poor packaging gives visitors a perception that it's homemade.  Would YOU buy a product that looked like it was made by a 14 year old high school kid in his parent's basement? Me either!

"The designs I made with your new templates are just as good, if not better, then anything that I have ever paid $99. for in the past. I will recommend your new website with my highest regards to anyone in need of a product such as this, and I will do so knowing that it is absolutely the best, and most affordable program of it's kind out there."  Click here to see what else Lori Anne Defabbi has to say about 3D Covers.

Hot eCover Graphics Add 
POWER To Your Personality!

Buyers operate emotionally, not logically.  Most buyers are depending on their senses more than their sense.  Professionally designed covers are the greatest tools you can use to appeal to the emotional aspect of a buyer.

Hot ebook cover graphics impress buyers.  They entice them.  They encourage them to open their wallets by showing them what they're getting.  Yes, your sales message tells them all about it, but when they see your product on the screen their emotions are satisfied. They are now in a position to buy.

With all the scam artists on the Net these days, professionalism is the key to making more sales.

I've created a whole archive full of hot ecover graphics amounting to more than 700 in number! Every month, I add on new ones and keep building the size of this archive so that you can never run out of choices!

And no, I'm not talking just any set of boring ebook and software covers. I'm talking the whole enchilada, the..., the...the whole stuff. Ready and waiting for you, all you have to do is gain instant access immediately.

Once inside, you can immediately start to turn out unique and killer covers most Net marketers have never seen or even been privileged to use! You get all these updates, free for a lifetime!

"Normally, it can take me hours to create a template and here you go... creating hundreds for me to choose from. I now simply copy and paste an image from the members area, add my own text using Paint Shop Pro or CompactDraw and within minutes -- I have a completed ebook cover."  Eva Almeida works for the popular site eBooks N' Bytes. Click here to read about the other features that have helped her.

Inside my archives, I've prepared covers for products like...

  • The ever popular ebooks! Many e-book authors end up tearing their hair out in despair, when they just can never get the right ebook covers they truly want for their written masterpiece! It's frustrating, I know. That's why inside, I've packed my resources archives solid with just the kind of look and feel suited for every type of e-book authors want and need!
  • Downloadable software packages! The most sought after resource on the internet (right after information and information products). If you offer downloadable shareware, freeware and pay-to-use software, you are in high demand. I haven't left you wanting! With what you'll find in my resources archives you'll never need to worry about the kind of software box to use again. Attracting potential prospects or clients to your software products is as easy as pie!
  • Data and music compact disc packages! The need for the best look and feel for CD products is exploding by the day. People don't just want to hear that they get your CD sent to them via mail. Studies have shown that well over 80% of prospects want to see a good representation of your CD. They want to virtually touch and feel your product before they even consider taking a look at your offer. I've taken care of that as well. CD product package owners... you will never need to look further than my cover templates!
  • Electronic magazines and on-line or off-line newsletters! This one goes without saying. Everywhere you look today, there's a free or paid newsletter wanting you as a subscriber. If you're an ezine or newsletter owner, then you already know that having a strong USP is not always enough to pack in those crucial subscribers. Give your prospects something to feast their eyes on. Now you can stand apart from the crowd online or off! 
  • Finally, Custom covers! These include covers made for the most popular affiliate programs, e-books, and digital products.  The best part is that once you gain instant access to my archives, you also get a secret email address that delivers your message straight to me. If you ever find you're in need of a custom look I haven't produced yet, all you have to do is email me at the secret address. Then tell me what kind of custom product you have in mind, and I'll get right on it immediately - at NO extra charge!
"Wow Mark! You've got a fantastic array of exclusive cover graphics for almost any product I can think of! Kunle Olomofe, Author of It's Time To Kick Butt & Make Money! More of Kunle's testimonial here

Plus you will also get...

Our exclusive New Extreme 3D eCovers program. Lets authors, developers and designers create professional 3D product-cover graphics in less than one minute-and with just a few mouse clicks.

Extreme 3D eCovers includes a comprehensive gallery of pre-illustrated, specially prepared templates for just about any online product you can imagine. Great for creating your very own ecovers, ezines, special reports, boxes, CD’s, DVD’s, PDA’s, computer monitors, and more, fast, easy and fun.

Extreme 3D Ecovers Creator is the “Silver Bullet” that you need to take your online business to the next level of success and have the professional and quality 3D ecovers that not only impresses visitors to your website, but also entices them to buy, which equals fast and easy profits for you.

"Mark, first, I must say... Bravo. This software is brilliant, and so easy to use.  I love it! I was able to create a whole new look to my product purchase page in about 30-minutes, and that was after downloading and using the program for the first time. I am just so thrilled with this product that I'm trying to exercise caution of going over-board pasting new graphics all over my site. Thanks (again) for solving my needs and providing me with your great follow-up service."
Greg Thurman

Here are just a few examples of the 102 different 3D Covers that you can make in just seconds.

Hi Mark

"I will definitely be telling everyone to use your program.  It is easy and the support is first class.  Thank you so much for making our job so much easier.  When you have no clue about what you are doing you really need someone like you."

Thanks again Mark.


Inside our members only area you will have access to the following:

250+ Custom 3D .jpg e-Book Cover Templates (use any graphics program to add your own text)
200+ Custom 3D .jpg Box Cover Templates
125+ Custom 3D .jpg Ezine Cover Templates
125+ Custom 3D .jpg CD Cover Templates
Tons of Custom 3D Graphics.
1 Free Customization of a 3D Graphic of your choice.  We will add text or a graphic to any 3D cover you choose.
Free Lifetime Membership to our growing library of 3D Graphics and Members Only Site.  I will build the site until I have over 1,000 .jpg templates.
250+ NEW 2D Templates for our new software Extreme 3D eCovers.  Templates also work with eCover Generator, most other 3D Cover software makers. Includes; Fronts, sides and top images.


Our New Extreme 3D eCovers

You can instantly make your own Killer 3D Covers.  With 102 Custom 3D Templates

Plus you will get this Free Bonus

Plus our New Video Guide

eBook Cover Tutorial and Video Coarse

You don't have to be good at graphics to design your own eBook Covers. The tutorial and templates will help you every step of the way. Watch over  my shoulder as I create my next ebook cover and learn how you can easily make your own killer eCovers in minutes.  You won't believe how easy it is.

$34.95 Value Free


“My shopping experience with 3D Covers Extreme has been first-rate and was everything that I could have hoped for in designing covers for my Ebooks, DVD and CD.  Mark was incredibly professional, courteous and prompt in delivering the product and answering questions I had.  3D Covers Extreme has the best price online so you can expect exceptional value and end up with great professional looking products to market on your website.  I highly recommend 3D Covers Extreme especially for the first time buyer.”

No Questions Asked... Unconditional 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

We offer you the widest selection of 3D Covers on the internet. 100% Guaranteed! If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase or  find a better collection anywhere on the internet we will refund your money 100%  it's that simple!  So buy now and and start making your own covers today.


Get In Now!  I will be building this library every week until I reach over 1,000 templates. At that point I am raising the cost back to the full price. 



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"Wow!  I'm overwhelmed so many templates to choose from.  I was paying around $100 per graphic for my products when I decided to learn to do my own.  Now with your one low price for membership I can't afford not to join."  Bob Silber has more to say about 3D Covers. Click here to read his comments.




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